through their divine purpose.

Helping individuals & entrepreneurs maximize success in their life, career, and business

I am a high performance empowerment strategist, coach, thought-leader, and educator, that has been sharing my strategies, and messages of motivation, and leadership for more than 25 years. I believe that everyone has a purpose in life, and a unique calling to share with others. When both are intertwined with serving, great things happen.

I'm here to help you along your journey in life, business and career.

I'm Dr. Zonzie McLaurin


to live in this life...

Powerful Purpose

You have such a


Living with purpose is the purpose of life.

Living on purpose with your purpose is a life of meaning and power.


Your dreams count. Your voice needs to be heard. You were made to impact the world.

Each individual needs a rooted theme, a goal, and a purpose in life. You are not meant to just exist but to thrive, and your story is important.


Knowing who you are and what you want is power in-and-of-itself.

Living a purposeful and meaningful life means that you truly understand who you are on a deep level.

This is a guide to help you cultivate a growth mindset. In this workbook I'm providing you with some foundational strategies to help you kick-start your journey of cultivating a growth mindset, so you can be extremely successful in your life, career, and business  

Growth Mindset Workbook