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The ultimate podcast that is helping thousands transform their lives, businesses, and careers from limited to limitless. Focusing  at the levels of your beliefs, values, identify and purpose for long-term, systemic, and sustainable change.

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The "Powerful Purpose" podcast brings fascinating conversations that will empower and teach you strategies and actionable steps to help you transform and live your life to the fullest.

The "Powerful Purpose" podcast brings some amazing and insightful people around the world to provide expertise, empowerment, support, guidance, tips and pearls of wisdom in every episode.

The "Powerful Purpose" podcast helps motivate it listeners to make changes in their lives and has some amazing content that increases emotional intelligence where you can level-up in your life, business and career.

The "Powerful Purpose" podcast helps you see that you have a "powerful purpose" to share and serve others in this world through changing your mindset, your perception, and removing the limits off yourself.

Live A Limitless Life

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Live Your Life Through The Windshield View

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Don't Settle For Less In Life

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Using Your Divine Gifts And Talents

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Embracing A New Season of Life

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The Power In Knowing Your Purpose

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This is my go to podcast and is a MUST to listen to for people ready to level-up, take off their limits, and transform in every areas of your life. I will recommend this podcast a million times over.

Latasha w.

Dr. Zonzie's podcast enlightens me with each episode. I have garnered a stronger belief system where my awareness, alignment and my actions are working together. I have so much more energy and momentum. You must listen to this podcast -- it will change your life.

William h.

Highly suggest listening to this podcast to help guide you into your ideal life and most authentic self. Each episode inspires, motivates, and has helped me make some profound changes in my life.

pamela d.

Wow is what I have to say about Dr. Zonzie and her podcast. I've been listening for the last couple of years and she truly has helped me rewrite the parameters of my personal and professional life.

Steven a.

Dr. Zonzie is just AMAZING! Her podcast covers so many subjects and I absolutely loves how she breaks down strategies that you can apply in your life, business, career and relationships. I love this podcast.

Kimberly h.

Dr. Zonzie is the reason I started assessing my life, my inner circle, and the activities that I was involved in. Because of her and this podcast I have made tremendous changes.

Henry T.

This podcast is a MUST for anyone looking to follow their dreams, career goals, and business (I'm an Entrepreneur) and put actionable steps into place. It has truly helped me live my life more intentional with through my PURPOSE

Angela s.

One of the best podcast that inspire you on so many levels. Each time I listen to it, I learn and feel so empowered. It really tackles so many aspects of life including, health, wellness, creativity, empowerment. I highly recommend it!

Cheryl N.

This is a wonderful podcast. Dr. Zonzie has such great tips, advice, and strategies that have helped  me change my mindset and see how the impact of my unique perspective and special gifts truly are to be shared in this world. I love her!

Stephanie c.

I'm so excited to find Dr. Zonzie's podcast. As a CEO, the empowerment and perspective of transformation she brings to this podcast is wonderful! She has helped me envision what is possible, how to shift my mindset, and reminds us that we can design our own terms for success.  

Paul t.

This podcast is really POWERFUL. I look forward to each episode. Dr. Zonzie simply make you realize that your thoughts truly create your life. It is our belief system that we need to work on. We have the ability to design an exceptional future that we want. I so love this podcast!

Shannon t.

Real Words From My Listeners!

"I want you to take the limits off and live a life full of purpose."

I am so obsessed with helping others be the best version of themselves, and live a purposeful, meaningful and intentional life -- whether it is personally, professionally or as a entrepreneur/business owner. I believe that each of us has a purpose, a unique assignment, and a calling in life, and that calling comes from God. Finding and knowing your purpose ultimately leads you to peace. 

With this Podcast I will talk ALL things life, business, relationships, health, wellness, and I will teach you strategies and actionable steps to help you transform and live your life to the FULLEST, live it without limits, and OWN IT; go after your dreams more skilled and confidently; have deeper and richer personal and business relationships’; discover and use your passions that will ignite your purpose for those things that make you come alive; and provide you with roadmaps and business tips and tools to help you have a lucrative and purpose-driven business.  

Remember YOU have the POWER to transform your life and go beyond where you are now. You hold the PEN and I want to help you WRITE YOUR OWN story and live your life on PURPOSE with your PURPOSE. Let’s do this!

Hi, I'm Dr Zonzie McLaurin

Strategist, Coach, Educator, Researcher, Keynote Speaker, Podcaster, Dreamer, Wife, Auntie-Mom, FurBaby Lover and #1 Most Self-Reliant and Empowered Human. 

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Powerful Purpose

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