When starting your new business, it’s going to take everything that you have to make it successful.

You’ll need to dig deep, have your best ideas, a strong work ethic, and perseverance for those many days where things just don’t go your way.

But, know that you can do this and having those traits will help you build an empire.

Here are a few tips to help you launch a successful first business or even help you continue to scale your business:

#1 Choose The Right Niche
Do what is relevant and solves someone’s problems, and what they desire, and remarked to the customer. Find that happy medium where you are not too broad and not to small. Serve with what you are good at, love, and falls inline with your purpose.

Get uncomfortable and try some unusual business ideas that will make you standout. Start with a business that matches your personality. Think if it like this, you are doing something you that matches your skill set, experience, and ultimately your personality.

By doing something that only you can do, you will do much ownership into where you are creating a legacy that’s can last while making an impact in the world. Simply, just start the business only you can start.

#2 Build Like The Romans Did
Focus on building your business with great intention. You want this to be your legacy, so focus on the needs of the customers with high quality products, services and resources. Build a business that will last for generations to come.

#3 Solve A Burning Problem
Whether you are a new entrepreneur or have been in business a while, make sure you are always solving a problem. It doesn’t need to be complicated, but you have to know what your customers are needing, desiring and how you can solve their problem. Your customer needs to trust you and know that they can rely on you for their needs.

#4 Focus On Profit Rather Than Revenue
It’s important to not obsess over revenue but focus on the profit of your business. Have that mindset of thinking deeper than the revenue you made but what ease the profit gained. The more profit you gain the more money you can reinvest in your business, your employees and your OWN success.

#5 Do Your Research On Other Competitors
Utilizing other businesses that are doing something similar to what you are doing is the best research you can do. Use them as your research subjects. Be mindful of there moves, what they are doing, how they are marketing their brands, what is their weakness is so you can have an edge. Make their weaknesses your strengths.

Stay ahead of the game, but don’t obsess too much over them so you can focus on your business. The goal is to be obsessed with your customers and employees. When you make these two groups happy — you are on to golden success.

I hope these tips will help you and encourage to keep pressing forward in either starting your business or continuing on.

Until next time – keep living in your POWERFUL PURPOSE.

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