As a child, we are taught that life is about joy and happiness. I remember that my grandparents would wake me up early every morning singing gospel songs around the house. My grandmother would say “Life is full of Praise and Dance,” and it was a part of my daily mantra. As an adult, having lost my grandparents at a young age, I understood how hard it must have been for them to live in the era that they grew up in (segregation) — but our home was full of love and kindness.

They were so instrumental in my life and taught me to live with love in my heart, be kind, and share that love with others — and this will lead you to living a life full of wholeness.

When you connect with the wholeness of your being, you are completely satisfied. This happens when you let go of your limiting beliefs and follow the path that is in alignment with your purpose.”

The path to wholeness is a journey. It’s a process that takes time, but you can accelerate it by choosing the right lifestyle and making healthy choices every day. You can choose to live in alignment with your purpose and what makes you happy, or you can choose otherwise.

The choice is yours!

One of the biggest mistake we can make is thinking life is about fear. Fear is a choice and it may come from, fear of failure, fear of pain, fear of abandonment, etc. However, if we stay stuck in the fear, we are limiting ourselves to this perspective, and we are missing out on so much beauty and opportunity that our life can hold. Each day, I make conscious decision to be present with my emotions, find gratitude in everything I see and witness God’s creation. As I walk with my head held high and live boldly, my life is full of passion as I am using all my gifts to serve others.”

Know that fear is a limiting belief. And it isn’t always bad–sometimes it’s necessary to protect ourselves from danger or harm, but we should not let it dictate our lives. Fear can be replaced with faith and love: faith that all things are possible through Christ; and love for others, even if they aren’t perfect like you’d want them to be!

Each day, I want you to have a mindset of gratitude and begin journal about it. Journal or list 3 things you are grateful for every night before going to bed.

Know that gratitude is a state of mind. It’s something you choose to do, not something that happens to you. It helps you be happy, positive and grateful for what you have in life.

The practice of gratitude can be as simple as writing down three things each night before going to bed that you are grateful for or making a list of things that make your life wonderful. This can be anything from being thankful that the sun rose again today or being grateful for having friends who love us unconditionally without expecting anything in return! The more we focus on feeling good about ourselves and our lives, the more positive energy will flow through us which then expands our world into one full of possibilities rather than limitations!

Remember that focusing on fears limits your ability to reach your potential and lead a full life

The fears that we let harbor in your hearts and mind truly limit your ability to reach your potential and lead a full life, but they are not inevitable. Focusing on fears instead of focusing on what you can control, what you are grateful for, or how to move forward will keep you from making progress towards living the life that was meant for you.

The goal is not to ignore your fears–there are times when it is necessary to face them head-on, but rather that you DO NOT allow yourself to be ruled by them either.

So, go out each day with a hear to thrive and move past any fears that may have you stuck or frozen. And remember to live a full life, you must be willing to face your fears and overcome them. You can do this by being present with what you feel and experiencing everything fully. The best way to overcome your fears is by speaking to them and debunking the, practicing gratitude every day, and believe in yourself. Also, by focusing on all the good things in your life, you will become more positive about yourself and others around you as well!

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