Life is very interesting and will give us some ups and downs. Those ups and downs can change in a blink of an eye, and leaves us wondering what we did or why is this happening to us. Remember you are not alone in these feelings. Everyone has to face some giants and challenges in life. Its learning how to overcome those challenges that will help you stay focused and remain in peace as you go through them.

We all have our very own preferences on how to deal and face challenges in life. However, there are a few tips and steps that can help you through some challenging times. Utilize the all or a few of the following list!

STOP: Stop is one of the best mindfulness techniques you can use when going through challenges in life. STOP stands for “Stop” – “Take A Step Back” – “Observe,” and “Proceed Mindfully!” When you use this technique during trying times or even each day, you are allowing yourself to take that PAUSE break that you need to help you gain perspective and determine the best possible action you can take next. The more that you utilize this mindfulness practice it can help you reduce the negative effects of stress.

Have A Positive Mindset: What you think, speak, and absorb internally, becomes your reality. Remember to think positive, speak positive, and do positive things. Thinking positive begins with a mental awareness. This means being mindful and practicing mindfulness techniques and meditation. Somethings to consider are: identify areas to change; focus on the good in any given situation; be optimistic; meditate to quiet your mind and body; burn off negative mindsets, relationships, activities; surround yourself with positive people and thing; and practice positive self-talk.

Think BIG: We can overcome challenges by thinking BIGGER than the challenge. Remember the size of your success and triumph is determined by the size of your belief. Each day empower the habit of THINKING BIG no matter what challenges you are facing. This means you must think globally about the problems that are confronting your reality. Thinking BIG requires that you see any issue or challenge from a wider and far-reaching perspective. Simply, shift your perspective of having no limitations and no fears.

Stare It Down: It is so important to STARE at your challenges. Stare them right in the eye and confront them. Don’t run from them, because you can’t. Embrace the journey, learn from it, and trust that that the challenge is there for a reason — and it will all work out for your good. Stare at the challenge and speak to it and know that there is a higher being right there with you, helping you through it. Staring at those challenges and speaking to them will give you the power you need to press forward.

Make A “Action” Plan: When going through challenges, you may not know what is going to happen, but you should always plan ahead. Reflect and assess where you are and what you need to change. Take this time to assess optimal outcomes and write the steps down to help you achieve them. Set some new goals and the objectives it will take you to accomplish them and then just execute them. Know that making a plan or an “action plan” from the challenges can be so POWERFUL. Use your STRENGTHS appropriately to help you feel good about yourself and assist with making an action plan. Having an action plan, can help with with clear direction, highlight exactly what steps to be taken, and can motivate you to be committed to not let this challenge over take you.

Ask For Help: Know that you are not alone, so please do find and seek help. Whatever you are facing, don’t be ashamed. Give yourself grace and know that having the ability to ask for help is actually a STRENGTH. There is no better time, then when you are dealing with a challenge — than to ask for help. Reach out to trusted friends, family and colleagues that can offer you assistance and advice. Know that when you fail to ask for help when needed, you simply fail to utilize the systemic support surrounding you. Admitting that you need help you are affording yourself the opportunity to gain insight, support, and growth. Also, if you are a spiritual person — there is a high power and being that is always there for you.

Don’t Give Up: Never GIVE UP! No matter what you are faced with, never loose HOPE. Being persistent is huge in overcoming challenges. When you give up you are admitted defeat and means that you will neither overcome the challenge nor learn from it. You have such POWER in you to do great things. You must PWER through your challenges by practicing STOP, having that POSITIVE MINDSET, thinking BIG, STARRING DOWN your challenges, making and ACTION PLAN, asking for HELP, and just never Giving UP.

Know that life is full of obstacles and challenges, and they are inevitable. Utilize these steps to help you be the OVERCOMER that you are designed to be. You are more resilient than you think you are. BELIEVE in yourself and know that you have a POWERFUL PURPOSE within you.

I love hearing from you. Let me know in the comments what challenges you may be facing that I can help you with. Keep pressing forward and know that life is what you give it — so give it your all.

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