Connecting with your inner wisdom is one of the foundational steps to being successful in all areas of you life, business, and career.

Your inner wisdom is your inner spirit, your intuition or that inner guidance.

Believe me when I say, you know more than you think you do. When you use that inner wisdom it is that insight, that gut feeling and that inner knowing.

You need to tune into it often. Specifically when you are facing some challenges or obstacles, needing to make those crucial decisions, when you are stuck and when your vision may be a bit foggy.

Some key strategies to help you trigger and use your inner wisdom are below:

  • Prayer and meditation: Remove yourself from the noise of the world and just be STILL and QUIET, so you can hear from your Creator and get guidance. Listen for those answers and asks questions. Let go of those outside influences.
  • Journaling: There is nothing like a pen/pencil and paper to help you pour out your thoughts and get connected to your center. You can pull out your confidence and get clarity. There is something so connective, spiritual, and awakening when you put pen/pencil to paper.
  • Be inquisitive about yourself: When you take time to inquire with yourself and get to know yourself better, great things can happen. Learn yourself more. Ask yourself questions. Remediate with yourself. Answer your whys. Understand your passions and what drives you and excite you.
  • Let your heart lead you: Lead from within you. Trust your intuition and it will help you have respect for your inner voice. Let go of resistance to change. Let go of fears and doubt. Find that inner strength to press forward and be your best self.

Connecting and trusting your inner wisdom is important and happens over time. Use these strategies to help you access your inner wisdom, because you have all the resources you need within you.

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